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Central North Carolina Council2021 Recharter Portal

Who can perform the Recharter for a Unit?

A Key 3 Member

What is a Key 3 member?

  1. Committee Chairman
  2. Chartered Organization Representative
  3. Unit Leader – Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Crew Advisor, Post Advisor, or Skipper

How does a Key 3 member complete a Recharter?

  1. Open an internet browser (Ex. Chrome)
  2. Go to my.scouting.org
  3. Click Menu in the left-hand corner
  4. Click Legacy Web Tools
  5. Internet Rechartering

What if my unit has turned in an application to the council or approved online applications after Oct. 1?

  1. During your internet recharter, there is the option to “update roster”. Please use this function so that any additional enrollments can be uploaded to your roster and so no one mistakenly gets left off recharter. Please update this BEFORE you finalize the roster.

What if I have an adult that is active in more than one unit?

  1. The person needs to decide where their primary registration is going to be and pay that unit for their registration
  2. All the units the person is going to have multiple registrations in needs to mark the adult multiple on their roster under the “Update Fees” option
  3. Note that if a Key 3 member marks a person multiple and that person does not pay in another unit or non-unit position then additional fees will be due before the charter is processed by the Council

How do we turn in our Recharter?

  1. Finalize the roster
  2. Print
  3. Attach roster, payment (if not paying online), and required forms together
  4. Turn all paperwork into the District Executive

Please note that the Council can accept Rosters, Applications, Criminal Background Check Authorizations, Annual Charter Agreements, JTE Scorecards and all other forms through email. However, the applications must first be signed (ink to paper) and then emailed. Electronic signatures are NOT acceptable.


How can I pay for my Recharter?

  1. Pay online with a credit or debit card
  2. Mail a check to the local council – make the check payable to the Central NC Council- P.O. Box 250 Albemarle, NC 28002-0250
  3. Cash needs to be given to the District Executive


How to get membership cards or the Charter Certificate?

Please follow this pdf for instructions.

You can NOT access the updated membership cards or certificate until the paperwork has been processed by the local council.


Important Updates and Reminders:

  • Any registered adult and all youth participants 18 and older must have YPT and the NEW Criminal Background Check Authorization – this includes new members joining and rechartering individuals that turned 18 in 2020
  • Unit Key 3 members are REQUIRED to have ALL position-specific training


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