Gifts you can give today:


·  Maximize your deduction; minimize the gift details

Stocks and Securities

·        Buy low and Give High

·        Make a gift, potentially a larger gift, while avoiding capital gains tax

Real Estate

·        Avoid capital gains tax, receive an income tax deduction

·        Gift option that may not affect your lifestyle

·        Commonly used to establish a gift that pays income.

Gifts that make an impact after your lifetime:

Bequest and Wills

·        Include a bequest in your will (cash, specific property, or a share of the estate residue)


·        Today- a gift that costs you and your family nothing

·        Tomorrow- a gift bigger and an impact greater than you thought possible.

Endowment Gifts

·        Make a gift to the Central North Carolina Council Endowment

·        Establish a named Endowment Fund to be held within the Council’s Endowment

·        Make a lasting impact on the youth of our region.

Retirement Plan

·        Make the Boy Scouts a beneficiary of your retirement plan

·        Eliminates income tax on retirement plan assets

Life Insurance

·        Donate a paid-up life insurance policy

·        Designate the Boy Scouts as a beneficiary of an existing policy

Life Estate:  Give Your Home, But Live There for Life

·        Receive an immediate large tax deduction

·        Live in Your Home for the rest of your life and your mate’s life.

·        Impact the Council with a great gift after your lifetime.