Powder Horn Training

Powder Horn is a high adventure resources course designed to help Scouts and Scouters learn how to implement high adventure activities into their Troops or Crews. Adult leaders from all Scouting programs and Scouts age 14 and older are eligible to attend.

This course will help adult and youth leaders safely conduct outdoor activities of a FUN and challenging nature.  It will introduce you to resources to help lead units through an Outdoor/High Adventure program.  This course will also help familiarize Scouts and Scouters with additional programs to help their Scouts successfully meet requirements for other high adventure activities.

The course is designed to help unit-level adult leaders to:

  1. Find the resources necessary for a high adventure program.
  2. Understand what is involved in different high adventure disciplines.
  3. Run a high adventure program safely.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the skills, equipment, facilities, and certifications needed to conduct specific high adventure programs.
  2. Know the health and safety requirements and rules and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America as they apply to outdoor programs.
  3. Have an initial set of local resource contacts to assist in conducting specific high adventure activities and will know how to identify additional local resources.
  4. Have a fun and memorable experience networking with youth and adult Scouting leaders with similar interests.

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