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Life to Eagle Advancement
Eagle Scout Rank Application
The Application can be downloaded HERE.

Leadership Service Project

As you plan and carry out your leadership service project, use the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook to record your plans and progress.

The workbook may be downloaded HERE.

Remember that others will be reading these pages. You should print, type, or write legibly using black or blue ink. You may add as many pages as needed to thoroughly complete the workbook.

You must submit this proposed project plan and secure the prior approval of your unit leader, unit committee, the organization benefiting from the effort, and the district advancement committee, to make sure that it meets the stated standards for Eagle Scout leadership service projects before the project is started. This preapproval of the project does not mean that the board of review will accept the way the project was carried out.

The District Advancement Committee

The district advancement committee or its designated subcommittee must approve all projects before work begins.  Life Scouts must contact the member of the committe responsible for Eagle Scout advancement to gain approval of the project prior to beginning work.

The Eagle Scoutmaster Conference

The Scoutmaster Conference for the rank of Eagle Scout must occur prior to the candidate's 18th birthday.  This is an occasion to review the Scout's Eagle service project, but not an occasion to criticize it. After all, the Scoutmaster and district advancement committee have already approved the project concept and both the troop committee and the head of the agency for whom the project was accomplished have determined that it was satisfactorily completed. Rather, the Scout's project will be reviewed with him so that he will feel comfortable explaining it to his Eagle board of review.

The Scoutmaster will be counseling a very accomplished young man, one who has an experience with the troop that is inherently different than an adult's. It is wise to understand what the Scout feels are the strengths and shortcomings of the troop.

The Scoutmaster also can ask the Scout whether he believes he is prepared for his Eagle board of review. Of course, Scout spirit is a part of this discussion. The Eagle candidate's spirit should be such that he is an example to other Scouts.

BSA Local Council Certification

After the ScoutMaster Conference, all Eagle Application paperwork needs to be turninto the Council Service Center. The Registrar will verify that the Scout has completed all requirements and that all dates are correct. The Application will be signed to verify that the applicant is a registered member of his unit and his application is approved as accurate. This is the final step before the Board of Review. 

The Board of Review

The Eagle Scout board of review is chosen by the local council based on its experience and tradition. In the Central NC Council, the board can be constituted of district or council Eagle representatives or with members of the community who are not registered Scouters, but then only if they have an understanding of the importance and purpose of the Eagle board.

Because of the importance of this board, the decision to accept an Eagle candidate must be unanimous for approval.  While a board of review may be adjourned and reconvened at a later time, a candidate has only one board of review. Any subsequent actions fall under the appeals process.

Appeal Procedures

In the ordinary course, appeals of board-of-review decisions will not be made, principally because the Scout believes in the justice of the decision. Generally, appeals are sought only when a Scout sees his opportunity to achieve Eagle diminishing.

When can appeals occur?

First, if the troop leader or troop committee does not recommend a Scout for a board of review or fails to sign an Eagle rank application, the Scout (or other interested party) may appeal that decision to the next highest level.

Second, if a board of review does not find favorably for the candidate, the Scout may also appeal to the next highest level. This appeal can be taken by the Scout, his leader, or the Scout's parents. An appeal from a local board of review would be taken to the district advancement committee, and from there to the council advancement committee, and finally to the National Boy Scout Committee.

When an appeal is made, the committee to whom the appeal is addressed will promptly review the facts. All parties must be interviewed by the committee, hopefully without confrontation. A written report with all details will be prepared by the reviewing committee and forwarded to the National Boy Scout Committee.

Appeals to the National Boy Scout Committee are made only through the local council. There is no direct appeal. In Eagle matters, a copy of the Scout's Eagle Scout Rank Application must accompany the national appeal.


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