Merit Badge Counselors are critical in helping Scouts thrive! Merit Badge Counselor is a functional position (registration code 42) which means it cost’s nothing to serve.


Follow these steps to become a Merit Badge Counselor:


  1. Complete an adult application with a criminal background check authorization – only the person filling out the application and the District Executive have to sign these
  2. Log into my.scouting and complete  Youth Protection Training
  3. Complete a Merit Bade Counselor application (see below)
  4. Submit all information to the District Executive for processing


Merit Badge Counselor Application

Adult Application with CBC


What you need to know about registering as a MBC:


All applications and forms must be complete with the appropriate signatures. Once the application has been submitted it will wait for approval by the council and only if it is approved will the registration be processed. MBC are automatically renewed at the beginning of every year as long as the person has an updated YPT. You can submit MBC applications at any time throughout the year but they are automatically renewed in January of every year. Once a MBC is registered through the Council office their registration will then show in Scoutbook for units to utilize and help find a counselor. If you no longer wish to serve as a MBC you must email your District Executive and inform them to expire that registration. MBC can add/drop merit badges at any time but you must submit as MBC application for that and mark it as adding/dropping badges. MBC are NOT unit registrations. A MBC can choose to only work with certain units, districts, or any scouts at all. This must be dictated on the application where it asks who they wish to serve. Regardless if a MBC only wants to work with one unit it is still a district position and they will not show on Unit Rosters unless they hold another registration within the unit.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your District Executive.