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Your one-stop for everything you need to know about Central NC Council's popcorn sale.

Popcorn News Updates as of July 17th, 2020 

Continue to check back for updates...

For More Information Please contact your District Popcorn Chair

District Staff Advisor Popcorn Chair Phone # Email
Cannon Chad Wells Jennifer Koob 704-791-2860


Old Hickory Josh Gibbs Bethany Fields


Pee Dee Melissa Ewing Shaina Thompson


Sapona Dieter Stoelting  Gloria Wilhelm


Uwharrie Jesse Crump Laura Richardson(Montgomery Co.) 910-638-9273


2020 Calendar Dates:

June 30: Popcorn Commitment Form Due 

August 5: Show N Sell Orders Due to CampMasters System

August 7: Popcorn Kickoffs - Sales Materials Distributed

August 21: Show and Sell Distribution

September 12:  Blitz Weekend #1

October 3:  Blitz Weekend #2

October 26: Sale Ends & Last Day to Return Unopened Cases

October 26: Take Order Sales Due in CampMasters System

October 26:  Last Day to Return Complete Cases

November 13: Take Order Distribution

November 22: Payment Due

November 27:  Last day To Avoid the -2% Late Payment Penalty


Unit Re-charter Fee Popcorn Incentive

We recognize that everyone has been impacted by the COVID Pandemic. 

We greatly appreciate our units that continue to find ways to provide program to our youth. 

As a way to say thank you for your participation in the Popcorn Sale,

The Central North Carolina Council has pledged to prepay the $75 Unit Charter Fee. 


To qualify for this incentive each selling unit must:

 Be registered to sell popcorn before Sept 1, 2020

Participate in either Show and Sell or Take Order

Sell an average of $125 per Registered Scout or have a $ increase over 2019.

Make all payments on time.

*Please direct all questions to Jeff Bays at jeff.bays@scouting.org.



Commission Information:

Base Commission with Council Sponsored Prize Program = 30%

Base Commission with Cash Option = 32%

Turn in Unit Calendar/Plan and Unit Budget for 2021 by August 31 = +3%

Show and Sell Paid within 30 Days by October 21 = 1%

Pay with in 30 Days and No Show and Sell Returns = 1 1/2%

Late Payment = -2%

Maximum Unit Commission = 36 1/2%


Additional Resources:

2020 Youth Popcorn Guide

Show and Sell Projection Guide

7/13/20 Training PowerPoint

COVID Popcorn Guidelines


Unit Kernel Resources:

Take Order and Prize Form

Unit Commitment Form

Unit/Kernel Guide

Scouts BSA Program Planning

Cub Scouts Program Planning


Camp Master Resources




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